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Channel Moorings were chosen by McConnell Dowell to assist with river bed inspection of the proposed new Bridgewater bridge. Our knowledge of local waters combined with our crew experience made Channel Moorings the best choice for the job.

Channel Moorings have assisted McConnell Dowell in safely accessing the river bed by providing a solid and reliable floating platform for the drilling rig. The drill rig itself requires complete stability, not an easy thing when you are floating on a tide affected body of water. Core samples of the river bed go down many metres to help with the assessment for foundational requirements of this project.

The new one kilometre in length bridge will replace the existing dual lane span bridge that was build in the 1940s. It will offer 4 lanes, 2 in either direction, and will improve traffic flow across the river for the 22,000 daily commuters and commercial freight operators.

If you are interested in learning more about how Channel Moorings can help you with river/sea bed exploration give Bob a call to chat further on 0419 912 944

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