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  • Channel Moorings Maintenance

    99% of your mooring is hidden from view. Why would you risk your vessel with something you can't see?
    Servicing areas in and around Hobart, Tasmania
  • Channel Moorings Maintenance

    We will inspect your mooring and perform all maintenance before placing it back in position
    Servicing areas in and around Hobart, Tasmania
  • Channel Moorings Maintenance

    Our barge is purpose built to handle a variety of marine projects.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements
    Servicing areas in and around Hobart, Tasmania
It is a requirement of MAST that moorings must be lifted and inspected at least once every two years.
Channel Mooring Maintenance lifting a mooring out

Moorings largely fail due to the lack of regular maintenance by the owner

Most mooring breakages are a cause of neglect in the way the vessel is attached to the mooring. In many cases the rope is exposed over a sharp roller or can come into contact with a sharp anchor and gradually cut away at the rope causing breakage. 

The mooring rope may also be chafing under the mooring buoy and thus regular checks of this should be carried out to ensure the integrity of the mooring is not breached.

MAST Tasmania.

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) require all mooring permit holders to

  1. Have the mooring lifted out of the water and inspected at least once in every two years
  2. Retain maintenance records for the mooring. MAST may request proof the mooring has been maintained at any time
  3. Mooring permit holders must ensure that the mooring device is capable for its intended use
  4. Regular checks of the mooring head rope must be made to ensure it is protected from chafe.
Lifting an old buoy

Our Services

Our purpose built 10 metre barge with flat deck is custom built to facilitate safe maintenance of wharfs and moorings.  The vessel can also accommodate additional machinery to conduct seabed survey and other work.
Marine Survey

Barge Hire

When you hire our barge you get the best blend of purpose built equipment and local knowledge.  Learn more about why our barge and team are the best fit for your next project.
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Red buoy for safety swimming in water

Mooring Installations & Maintenance

Channel Moorings are commercially qualified to perform mooring maintenance and installation, and are listed on the MAST website.

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Contact us today to discuss with us your particular requirements.  No job is too big and we love a challenge.

Customer Testimonials

We always strive to provide the best service possible.  See what our customers say about us.  
Andrew Climie
I have had yachts on moorings for decades, and more recently Bob Kelly has been servicing my mooring in Hobart. I have been very happy with his work, he is obviously competent and knowledgeable and is careful and very thorough. He has an excellent, purpose built barge, able to lift my deep, very heavy mooring without difficulty. Bob has been very good to deal with, reliable, and frank with his advice and happy to take me out on his barge to see the condition of the mooring and the work done for myself. Others I know have described similar positive experiences.
Andrew Climie
KellyPeterson 46 Bravo
Nathan Sinclair
It's very satisfying to watch someone competent, with the right kit, do a job properly. So I spent a very pleasant afternoon watching Bob and his partner upgrade my mooring tackle to suit my boat and Tasmanian conditions.

Three weeks later the wind in Kettering was over 35 knots with 70 knot gusts in the Channel. I slept easily knowing the boat would still be there in the morning - couldn't want better.
Nathan Sinclair
North West Bay

View some of our Project Work

Review some of our recent case studies when considering us for future work

New Bridgewater Bridge Project

Provide a steady motorised pontoon to be securely anchored at key parts of the Derwent River to allow for safe and reliable drilling/exploration of the river bed.

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Removal of old jetty piles at Kettering

Removal of the old timber fuel jetty at the Southern end of the Oyster Cover Marina.

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Egg and Bacon Mark

As part of their charter, Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) are always re-investing in the marine infrastructure around Tasmania.  They are actively responsible for the continued improvement of our public boat ramps, public moorings and other safety mechanisms like floating safety marks.

MAST engaged Channel Mooring Maintenance to install a new identifying 'mark' in Egg and Bacon Bay.

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