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It is a requirement of MAST that your mooring be properly inspected out of the water at least once every 2 years.

Our Services

Installing new mooring

Installation of New Moorings

We will completely remove your old mooring, where necessary, and replace it with a new one designed to MAST requirements and fit for your vessel.

If we are installing a new mooring it is important to understand your obligations.  Click here to review visit the MAST website were you can read the requirements and complete the application form for a new mooring.
Inspecting existing moorings

Inspections of Existing Mooring

Wear and tear as well as marine growth can reduce the structural condition significantly, causing moorings to deteriorate very quickly. They can also be moved off the allocated position by severe weather.  

We will lift your mooring (up to 5 tonnes) out of the water and onto our flat deck to give it a full and proper inspection. This allows for identification and replacement of corroded and worn parts.
Relocating moorings

Mooring Relocation

Moorings can be dragged across the bay. If this has happened we can re-locate the Mooring at the original location specified by MAST.

Barge Hire

The North West Bay barge measures 11.5 metres in length, 4 metres in width with a draught of 0.5 metres.  The barge is transportable on a low loader.  

We are regularly called upon for geotech core drilling, sampling and testing work.
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Contact us today to discuss with us your particular requirements.  No job is too big and we love a challenge.

MAST Web Based Mooring and Facilities GIS Mapping System

MAST has developed a web-based mooring and facilities mapping system that is now available for public use.

The map shows mooring positions and mooring permit numbers in the various bays and rivers where moorings have been allowed. By using your mouse you can zoom in or out and take a snapshot of an area.

The system also shows MAST managed navigations aids as well as those owned and maintained by TasPorts and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
View the Mooring GIS

What type of mooring do you need?

The length of your vessel will determine the underwater asset setup.

We are aware of the damage done by moorings to the sea bed and consciously do our best to minimise further disruption during our work.

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