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Our barge is purpose built for a variety of different tasks

The barge, which measures 11.5 metres in length by 4 metres in width and a draught of 0.5 metres is regularly used for geotechnical core drilling, sampling and testing. Other projects detailed below include jetty removal, the cleaning of marine markers and more.  
Powered by two 90hp Yamaha high thrust outboard engines it comes equipped with a 26hp hydraulics system, a 3 tonne, 2.3-metre Crazel crane, a 3.5 tonne A-frame lifting gantry with a 6-tonne hoisting winch and a 3.5 tonne hydraulically driven capstan. 

The vessel also comes equipped with a Cranzel purpose built high pressure water blaster which has an operating pressure of 3000 PSI.  This pump uses salt water which assists with the efficient cleaning of all marine growth from marine assets.

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Contact us today to discuss with us your particular requirements.  No job is too big and we love a challenge.

Recent Jobs

Geo-drill project on behalf of client to record the geological composition of the sea floor in the area of North West Bay.

Geo-tech drilling

Working with KMR Drillling we maintained the barge insitu so that sea bed core samples could be taken in North West bay.  This project provided important information to the principal contractor, Pitt & Sherry, for purposes of determining suitability for future underwater assets.
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Channel Moorings assist TasPorts with maintenance of Beltana Lead light (5)

Marine Markers

On separate occasions we have been contracted by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) to assist with maintenance of public marker assets and placement of new markers.   Our barge is able to safely transit heavy equipment to the marker location.  Our team are experienced seamen who can advise when conditions are safe to work in.
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Removing jetty pilings for Oyster Cover Marina (4)

Jetty Pile Removal

Our strong winches and lifting assemblies make it possible to remove the toughest pilings.  This project at Kettering was difficult due to how well the pilings were fixed in place but our team were able to apply different methods to overcome the problem.
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We are aware of the damage done by moorings to the sea bed and consciously do our best to minimise further disruption during our work.

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